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Top Stories of the Week: Mystics are lottery-bound, Wizards player rankings, more

Less than a month from preseason NBA basketball...

Stefanie Dolson of the Washington Mystics defends Crystal Langhorne of the Seattle Storm. Stewart W. Small

We’re getting closer to Wizards’ training camp and the preseason. We’re also just one game away from the end of the Mystics’ season. So as one team’s season comes to an end, another team’s season begins.

So let’s get to the main storylines.

The Mystics are back in the Draft Lottery

The Mystics are 13-20 and officially bound for the 2017 WNBA Draft Lottery. Since they have 31 wins from the last two years and winning records against other lottery bound teams like the Sun and the Wings, Washington will end up with the lowest chance for the first pick in the draft. The San Antonio Stars are guaranteed the highest odds in the lottery.

To some of you, missing the playoffs is disappointing. But to me, I feel that the Mystics overachieved for three straight seasons, and this year, they’re starting to regress to the norm. As the only team without any Top-3 overall picks from any year, and the only team without a superstar (No, Emma hasn’t hit that level yet), it shouldn’t be a surprise that Washington was bound for a season like this. I would have rather seen this happen in 2013 and 2014 than now though.

I also get that the Mystics have been screwed over in many Draft Lotteries. But this time, they have the lowest odds anyway so we shouldn’t expect more than the fourth pick. Even if Washington only ends up with the fourth pick, it’s still better than what they have had over the past several seasons. So you can’t fret too much about it.

As for the game results:

They lost last Friday to the Storm 81-76, Sunday to the Fever, 80-73 but followed it up with a solid 75-62 win over the Liberty on the road. They sealed their lottery fate with a 94-91 loss to the Dream, also on the road.

For some more Mystics reading, SB Nation NBA’s Matt Ellentuck wrote up an analysis on Leilani Mitchell and the positive impact she’s made on the team.

I have a whole lot to say about the Mystics’ direction. We’re hitting a major point with a lot of players’ careers, and the draft lottery will happen during the playoffs. Once that happens, I will go in-depth on more of that stuff.

Come to the District Chophouse on Monday, October 3 for a Wizards Blog Panel!

WizardsXtra will host a bloggers panel along with Candace Buckner of The Washington Post at the District Chophouse in Washington. Besides WizardsXtra and ourselves, Truth About It, Wiz of Awes, and Hoop District will also be represented.

If you’re wondering which blogger will be on the panel, Nick Bilka has tentatively agreed.

Four Wizards make SI’s Top 100 NBA Players of 2017 list

John Wall is ranked higher (17th) than Kyrie Irving (25th). But Kyle Lowry (14th) now surpassed him. Marcin Gortat (55th), Bradley Beal (58th), and Ian Mahinmi (76th) also made the cut. Overall, I feel that the rankings are fair.

Other Wizards stories

That’s all I have this week for the links, but these aren’t the only ones out there. If you have another link you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comments or in a FanPost. Have a great weekend!