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The Wizards fan’s “hater” index

We don’t mean to “hate” per se, but there are things that Wizards fans hate.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As Wizards fans, we have come to feel passionate about various things within the team, whether you love or hate them. Sometimes, it’s certain players. Other times, it’s certain teams. And sometimes, it’s food giveaway or other elements that aren’t so obvious.

We’ve gone ahead and listed a number of things that we are passionate about. In this post, we’ll talk about things that raise our blood pressure for the worse. We’ll do this on a scale of 1 to 5, with things at a 1 being just a “minor annoyance” to things at a 5 being something that gets us in a rage.

So without further ado, here’s our “hater index.”

1 - It’s a minor annoyance

  • JaVale McGee ism’s - McGee had a lot of potential when he played for the Wizards. Unfortunately, he’s best known for things like this:
  • Damon Jones - He hit a crucial three in the 2006 playoffs to defeat the Wizards. That’s enough to get him on this list.
  • The Wizards’ blue and gold jerseys - The name change is what it is. But did the Wizards have to have blue and gold as their colors for well over a decade too when they first moved into what is now the Verizon Center?

2 - Definitely annoying

  • Being fourth place of the “Big Four” teams ... no matter what - The Washington area has a rich basketball culture and many notable players lived here as children (Kevin Durant, Dave Bing, Danny Ferry) or went to college (Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson, Steve Francis). Yet, the Wizards don’t have the popularity that the Redskins, Nationals, or Capitals have. It’s partially deserved because of the Wizards’ lack of winning. But they’re still not that popular when they are enjoying some success.
  • TMZ loves to mention the Wizards when former Wizards players do something stupid - Folks like Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, and Javaris Crittenton haven’t played for the Wizards in years. Yet, that’s one of the first teams we associate them with. And isn’t Young now in L.A.?
  • Ticketing Operations - With PDF’s removed as an option, Monumental Sports wants to get a piece of the pie in every step. Combating ticket fraud is a good thing of course, but it’s clear that they want Ticketmaster to dominate every ticket step to the extent possible....

3 - Irritating

  • The crowd only gets loud for Chick-Fil-A in the fourth quarter: It’s not that the crowd is loud during this time. It’s that you often see the “road team” fans root for the visitors UNTIL this time so they can have their win and eat a Chicken Sandwich too.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers in the LeBron James Era - A decade ago, both of these teams were considered up-and-comers. The Cavaliers had the NBA’s best young do-it-all player since Magic Johnson. The Wizards had three solid All-Stars. Both franchises were considered to have bad histories to that point. Now, the Cavaliers are the haves, and the Wizards still are have-nots, at least when it comes to being a contender.

4 - This is really killing me

  • Crab dribble 2006 - It this play didn’t happen one decade ago along with three consecutive playoff appearances against the Cavs, it’s possible that the feud between the two teams wouldn’t have been as fierce as it was in those days.
  • [Fill in this prospective NBA free agent] to DC - Who was the last big-time NBA superstar to sign with the Wizards in his prime? We don’t believe it ‘til we see it.
  • Road atmosphere when the bandwagon teams arrive - We should not be full of burgundy and gold basketball jerseys when LeBron comes to town or in blue and gold for Steph Curry. Washington is a large and transient market, but don’t tell us that there are THAT MANY Cavs and Warriors fans in town.

5 - I must destroy something ... NOW!

  • No 50-win seasons since 1979 - Remember ... 46 wins is the best many of us have seen in our lifetimes. That’s why it’s such a big deal for me.
  • Gun Gate - For a lot of people outside the D.C. area, that incident and Gilbert Arenas’ finger guns are the first things people think about when you mention the Wizards to them.
  • A lack of respect for John Wall - This man was the talk of the town in 2010 when he was a freshman at Kentucky. Now, it seems like he’s just “a good player.”
  • Front office mediocrity (or worse) - Ernie Grunfeld has been the Wizards’ President of Basketball Operations since 2003. The only other GM’s to be in their positions longer than he has have won NBA championships. Only one of Grunfeld’s past teams (the 1998-99 Knicks) made the Finals, and they happened to make the Finals after Grunfeld was fired from his job.

Later this week, we’ll have a Wizards fan’s “lover” index. We’ll take a look at the things that make fans ooh and aah over.