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Mystics at Liberty final score: Washington prevails, 75-62 In a must-win, Dolson erupts

The playoffs have already started for the Mystics.

The focus was real.
The focus was real.

The (13-19) Mystics got a win in New York, against the Eastern Conference leading (21-12) Liberty, who have already clinched a playoff berth.

The Good News

A win is a win.

Tierra Ruffin-Pratt shooting 60 percent and chipping in six rebounds and two assists, should have been a theme this season. And Stef Dolson destroying any game is good to see.

The Bad News

Watching Stef Dolson have a night like that, 23 points, seven rebounds and four assists, was just brutal. Add two steals and THREE blocked shots, and I was tearing up.

Two nights like that in July and the Mystics are a completely different team. Two wins in July would have the team in the thick of a playoff run. Seeing her perform the way everyone knows she is capable of once in a season is depressing any way you slice it.

Yes, the Liberty were missing key players, but so were the Mystics - the entire season. LaToya Sanders played in four games this season, Ivory Latta, twenty-two.

The Mystics need a lot of other things to happen to get into the playoffs and there is little evidence to support that happening.

But the what-ifs, like this Ally Malott shot, the second of two quick three's, would have been great to see more of this year and will leave a lot of fans with mixed emotions, mostly 'too little, too late':

Which is especially painful because the last two games of the season are against teams the Mystics have handily beaten this year, the Dream and the Sun.