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2016-17 Bullets Forever Ticket Exchange Thread

Here’s your place to sell and buy tickets from fellow Wizards fans.

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

Frank Hanrahan and Glenn Consor of the Wizards broadcasting team take a pic. Stewart W. Small

The Wizards season is quickly approaching. Therefore, our ticket exchange thread is back for the 2016-2017 season. Here are the guidelines:

  • You are free to list your market rate for the tickets - That means, you can set the floor as low as you would like, or as high as you would like.
  • Please list the games you are actually selling, not a blanket list - It’s easier for a prospective buyer to know what is available and what isn’t.
  • In the comments, please list your email addresses in the following format: aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com. Phone numbers should not be listed.
  • All final pricing must be done via email. The comments are solely for listings.
  • You must list these tickets for free to the following events if you choose to do so: Wizards season ticket holder party at Six Flags, Season ticket holder anniversary dinners, Wizards VIP season ticket holder party at Lucky Strike. These events are free to those who have the tickets, so they will be free in your listings.

We will remove comments here periodically so we can show listings to current games.

Guide to pricing

Though you can list tickets where you see fit, please refer to the team’s 3D arena chart to see what the season ticket rate is. All seats from the nosebleeds to the owner seats have listed STH rates.

It isn’t unreasonable to see a preseason game listed at a price below STH rate. But it is also not unreasonable to see the Warriors game listed more than double the STH rate. You can also check StubHub and TicketsNow (Monumental Sports/NBA’s official reseller) for prices.

What’s the deal with no PDF’s?

In late July, Wizards and Capitals season ticket holders were notified that their tickets will no longer be available on PDF’s. This is to limit ticket fraud and also to better monitor the resale market via TicketsNow, which is Monumental Sports’ official reseller. If you’ve seen those commercials, they refer to this reseller. Capitals blog Russian Machine Never Breaks has more on this.

Though PDF tickets are gone, electronic tickets remain with mobile apps, membership cards, and paper tickets. Season ticket holders will get all of these options.

StubHub typically used PDF’s to allow sellers to upload tickets very quickly. However, with this eliminated, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to selling games at the last minute. They’re now useless for games less than a week away since the only option a seller has is paper tickets.

StubHub still has its money-back guarantee, so rest assured that the seller of your tickets from there won’t create an electronic ticket to screw you. The seller would face some major consequences for that. You are much better off buying on StubHub than off one of the scalpers outside of Verizon Center.

So, that’s it!

Happy ticket selling and buying everyone!