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The Wizards did not like the custom jersey the Spurs sent to Kirk Cousins

The San Antonio Spurs aren’t just a model franchise for the NBA, but they’re a model franchise in all sports. The way they’ve been able to maintain success over the past two decades is nothing short of phenomenal. So it certainly isn’t a bad thing that Kirk Cousins wants his team to aspire to be that one day:

“I’ve told my teammates that I’d like to be the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL. Be super boring and maybe people at the end of the season just go, ‘Wow, they really had a good year and no one really talked about it.’”

It also isn’t wrong for the Spurs to be flattered by Cousins’ praise and send him a custom jersey to say thanks:

You also really can’t fault the Wizards for being upset, or at least faux-internet upset:

The only one that’s really at fault here is the football team. “One step closer to being the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL.” Really? A guy gets a jersey and now you’re on your way to success you can sustain for more than a year? Calm down. The Spurs wouldn’t act like this.