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John Wall talks knee rehab process and recovery schedule at foundation event

WASHINGTON -- With the start of Wizards training camp thirty-seven days away, John Wall provided a quick update on his rehab status and recovery schedule while attending his third annual back to school event in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

Here's a complete transcript of Wall's press conference following his back to school block party.

How’s summer been and rehabbing and getting ready for the season?

Wall: It's been great. It's been fun. A lot people been asking me the same questions every day, but I enjoy it. It's another challenge I have to take. But, I am willing to conquer it and do whatever I have to do to prepare myself to come back 100 percent. And, have a better season than what I had last year. It's going great. Everything's going great. I just came from the doctor. I'm right where I am supposed to be. I am in no rush. Like I said before, I am just taking it day by day and just hopefully I am ready for the opening season. "

What is that [same] question you are asked: Will you be ready for opening season?

Wall: It's all up to me. I'm going two times a day. I'm just attacking the best way I can. I'm attacking like I'm playing in a basketball game and that's trying to do the best I can of getting stronger, making sure I don't have the same problems later down the road in my career. I think I'll be fine.

Since NBA free agency has quieted down, how have you reflected on where you guys are in the East right now?

Wall: We are going to be fine. Main thing that is important to us, is our two best players. If me and Brad stay healthy, we are going to be alright. We dealt with a lot of injuries. That the main key to our team: you're two best players can't deal with injuries. And, the last couple of years our team has always had injuries. We have to come into this season trying to stay healthy. When you stay healthy you give yourself a better chance to win and not having to switch up lineups. I think we did a great job of adding some pieces. We still have an opportunity to add one more piece.

What is your rehab schedule like, are you able to run and jump now?

Wall: Yeah, I'm doing all that right now. Working out, doing all those type of things. I'm just in no rush. I'm very excited to be back on the court and I will tell you, sitting on the table all day and doing those boring exercises is no fun for six hours out of the day. It's the frustrating part. There's a documentary I am making to show it to everybody what I've done. So that people will understand all of the factors. And, the little things you have to do to get back to playing and be healthy for a season. I am enjoying the process. It's fun. Another challenge in my career.

We saw some of your training in mid-July, how have you things progressed for you training wise?

Wall: Well instead of just going to watch Trey Burke shoot and stuff, I can shoot, jog, workout. I'm actually doing my own individual workouts now. Probably not playing one on one or nothing like that yet. But, I am able to workout and do those type of things like in the regular season.

Will you be holding an off-season workout with the team this year?

Wall: Yes, we have a mini-camp Monday. I'm going back to L.A. tomorrow. We start our mini-camp Monday through Thursday. I set it up and all the guys get in tomorrow, we are going to go to dinner and stuff and have some fun. Same thing we kind of did last year."

Will all of the Wizards players be attending your off-season mini-camp?

Wall: All of them. Except for [Marcin] Gortat and [Ian] Mahimi because they are all over the country.

Have you been keeping up with Team USA and do you think this could have been your year to make the team?

Wall: I always think about it. But like I said, God always has a plan. Hopefully I can be there in 2020 but if not, so be it. As long as our country comes back with a gold medal that's all that matters to me.