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6 Simpsons GIFs that explain the Wizards’ offseason

We’ve spent a lot of time talking very seriously about the players the Wizards added this summer. This is not one of those posts.

“There was a time [Horford] preferred Washington’s talent over Boston’s. Wild finish.”

When you chase Kevin Durant for two years and wind up with Ian Mahinmi

To be clear, there’s still a lot to like with Ian Mahinmi. But compared to KD, he’s definitely the free agent signing built for the average man.

Trey Burke and Marcus Thornton’s shooting philosophy

Let’s hope Tomas Satoransky can be a great passer right away. Otherwise...yikes.

When you realize Otto Porter is most experienced small forward on the roster

No pressure, Otto.

When you have a lot of bigs but not enough guard depth to balance out the team

Again, let’s hope Tomas Satoransky is good right away.

When John Wall sets someone up for an assist but then they pass the ball back to him with 3 seconds left on the shot clock