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Podcast: Sorting through the Wizards’ decisions in free agency

In this week’s episode of the Bullets Forever Podcast, Jake Whitacre stayed up way past his bedtime and answered some questions about the Wizards’ decisions in free agency, including:

  • Why did the Wizards sign Jason Smith? (No clue!)
  • Is Marcin Gortat on the trade block? (Probably not!)
  • Is there a trade idea for Gortat that makes sense for both teams? (Can’t find one!)
  • Who will the Wizards add to round out their wing depth? (Hope you like Alan Anderson!)
  • Are the Wizards going to chase after a big free agent next summer? (Unlikely!)
  • Where do the Wizards stand in the Eastern Conference after this year’s moves? (Slightly better than average!)
  • Was the Trey Burke trade disappointing? (A little bit!)
  • Was Scott Brooks the biggest signing of the summer? (Most likely!)

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Note: This podcast is dedicated in memory of Arnaud Gelb, a reporter for Basket USA, a French website that covers American basketball. He was a frequent media presence at Wizards and Mystics games. He passed away last week at the age of 31.

Arnaud had an incredible passion for basketball that showed in everything he did. We’re incredibly saddened by his sudden loss and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. If you were at all touched by his life, there’s a GoFundMe page where you can donate to help support his family in this difficult time.