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Mystics at Stars final score: Washington loses 77-70 on the road

Chris Covatta, NBA/Getty Images

The Washington Mystics (9-10) lost to the San Antonio Stars (5-13), in a very sloppy, disjointed contest, 70-77. This loss, once again, puts the team just under .500 for the season, and in fifth position for the eight-team playoff tournament heading into the second half of the season.

The Good News

Kia Vaughn scored 10 points and grabbed three rebounds in 21 minutes. And that is pushing it.

The Bad News

The whole game. Poor shooting from Emma Meesseman (36%), Tayler Hill (28%), Tierra Ruffin-Pratt (0%), Ivory Latta (14%) and Bria Hartley (25%) doomed the game. There was nothing pretty about it. The poor shooting forced bad decisions into turnovers, that turned into buckets for the other team. And that turned into more bad decisions. The worst part was that the Mystics weren't out of the game the whole time.

And Mike Thibault made some moves.

But when it mattered, the team went ice cold, particularly in the fourth quarter. The bench was in until 6 minutes left in the game, and it just felt wrong.

This is a snapshot of the backcourt in July of last year....let's hope it turns into August sooner than later.

The Neutral News

Again, the Mystics have a 9-10 record and are fifth in the overall standings.

This was a stone-cold mess. Bad habits percolated up through the pressure of off-shooting nights for many of the players. I mentioned in the preview that focus and looking for your teammates would be essential to a win over the Stars. They had neither.