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NBA Free Agency: Garrett Temple signs three year, $24 million deal with the Kings

Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

John Wall has just made another player very rich. After earning less than $5 million in his NBA career with the Rockets, Spurs, Bucks, Bobcats, and Wizards, Garrett Temple finally got his big payday on Sunday, agreeing to a three year, $24 million deal according to multiple reports:

Temple is coming off a very strong solid with the Wizards, where he averaged career-highs in points and rebounds per game, and shot a respectable 34.5 percent from beyond the arc while providing dependable perimeter defense. All things considered, he was one of the better values on the team last season, considering he made just over $1 million last season.

Given how many spots on the roster the Wizards need to fill, it’s not surprising to see that Washington didn’t try to match Sacramento’s bid. That said, Washington will be hard pressed to find someone who can provide as much bang for buck next season.