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Bradley Beal grew “almost an inch” this season, according to Wizards owner Ted Leonsis

There was a lot of talk at the press conference to discuss Bradley Beal’s contract (which you can watch here) about his growth in Washington. However, most people probably weren’t expecting to hear about Beal’s actual physical growth.

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis said during the press conference that Beal grew almost an inch during the season, which he then reiterated after the press conference on Twitter:

It’s hard to confirm just how much Beal grew without busting out the tape measure, but just going off the eye test, he did look like he grew a tad.

But regardless of what his actual height is now, the real takeaway here is that this could be good news for Beal’s long-term health. As Troy Haliburton of Truth About It noted, if Beal is still growing, the repeated issues he’s faced with stress injuries in his leg make a lot more sense:

Only time will tell just how tall Bradley Beal really is and if he’s able to shake his leg issues, but it looks like the sky is still the limit in more ways than one.