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Wizards officially announce Bradley Beal's contract extension

Stewart W. Small

The Wizards announced that Bradley Beal was officially re-signed on Tuesday. Though we knew about this for some time, the announcement of the deal was delayed primarily to allow Washington to sign unrestricted free agents.

With the move now official, the team has now accomplished its number one goal in the offseason -- to secure one of their up-and-coming young stars for the foreseeable future. Yes, I get that some Warriors player was a free agent target, but I never thought that he would be a bigger priority than securing Beal.

Here is what Wizards President of Basketball Operations said in a statement:

“Bradley has proven himself as one of the top young shooting guards in the league, and we feel that he has the potential to rise to an elite level as he enters the prime of his career as one of the cornerstones of our team,” Grunfeld said. “He is an outstanding member of the community and a great example of the type of player and person we want to represent our franchise.”

Now that this announcement is in the books, I am glad that Washington's free agent moves are now over, and am looking ahead toward training camp which will be here before we know it.