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Podcast: Breaking down the Wizards’ performance in Summer League and what it means for the team’s future

In this week’s episode, Alan Jenkins and Jake Whitacre break down the Wizards’ performance in the Las Vegas Summer League. Specifically, they discuss the following topics:

  • How Kelly Oubre refined his game compared to his performance last summer in Las Vegas.
  • How Jarell Eddie improved his game and earned his spot on next season’s roster.
  • How Aaron White improved, where he still needs to grow, and whether or not it’s fair to judge him solely on his performance in Las Vegas.
  • Whether or not Danuel House showed enough promise to justify taking a roster spot next season, as well as other options to fill the last two spots on the team’s roster.
  • Who has a better shot of playing in the Rising Stars Challenge: Tomas Satoransky or Kelly Oubre?
  • Which player is most likely to break out next season and which player is most likely to drop off a bit.

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