Thomas Boswell on Wizards offseason (ooof)


I am still amazed that ANYBODY ever thought that Durant was coming to D.C. One of two things was going to happen with KD and OKC. 1) They won a title or came so close that KD would stay there to finish the job. Or 2) he would leave to go to a team that was very close to a title -- closer than OKC was to a ring. And the Wiz were NOT going to be the team in Category Two -- somewhere realistically close to a title -- until AFTER they got KD. Listen as I repeat myself: KD was either going to stay in OKC or go to a team that was INCHES from a title. He was NOT going to go to a team that needed to ADD him just so it could DREAM of contending for a title. Those who have responsibility for analyzing this crafty KDtoDC strategy -- and selling it to the public, or not discouraging it from being peddled to the public -- are Ernie and Ted. Here are their grades on the Conceptualization and Execution of the Kevin Durant Master Plan. F- F- I stuck with "F-" because I thought "F- - - - - - - -" might be confusing. (Remember, this was a MULTI-YEAR delusional fantasy that infected team building and drafting. Did they ever really believe in it? YES, they MUST have because Plan B is...Ian Mahinmi.)

From Thomas Boswell's online chat, July 5, 2016