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Highlights of Kelly Oubre’s first two games at 2016 Las Vegas Summer League

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Through two games at the 2016 Las Vegas Summer League, it’s clear Kelly Oubre has taken a step forward. He’s averaging more points per game than last season, and getting to the line just as frequently as he did last year.

Better yet, he’s doing it with the ball in his hands less often than he did last year. Even though his shooting efficiency hasn’t been great so far (38.2 percent from the field, 20 percent from deep), he’s done a much better job of keeping the ball moving when he doesn’t have a good look, which has helped Jarell Eddie and Michael Eric have productive starts in Las Vegas. Even though it hasn’t led to a lot of assists, it’s an important upgrade from last season.

Here are some of Oubre’s highlights through the first two games in Las Vegas:

If you were hoping Oubre was going to turn into the next James Harden, you might be a little bummed out by these highlights, but if you’re holding out for a more realistic hope that he could be the next Danny Green, Matt Barnes, or someone of that ilk, you should be encouraged by what Oubre has shown so far. His defense has been solid and though he’s had struggles on the offensive end at times, most of those concerns should be cleared up when he has to take a smaller load on the offensive end with the regular roster.