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Wizards vs Hawks Final Score: Washington's comeback falls short; Wizards lose 88-80

The Wizards struggled out of the gate against the Hawks on Sunday afternoon, getting down by as much as 18 in the first half. They couldn't overcome the slow start as they lost 88-80.

The Hawks, like their non-Summer League counterparts, moved the ball well and hunted for threes. Though the Wizards eventually found their offense and cut the lead to as little as 1 in fourth quarter, the defensive never quite gelled enough to get stops in the final minutes.

Notable performances

Kelly Oubre Jr. - In addition to playing his usual pesky defense, Oubre had another big scoring night, with 21 points. Tonight’s performance was much more efficient, however, with Oubre staying aggressive and getting to the line seven times. He also had two assists, two steals, and two turnovers.

The one major knock on Oubre’s game tonight is that he all but disappeared at the end of the 4th quarter. He didn’t score a single point in the final frame, and he had a turnover that effectively killed the Wizards’ comeback hopes.

Jarrell Eddie - His defense is suspect even in Summer League, but Eddie was cooking tonight. He had 19 points on 6-12 shooting, plus 4 rebounds and a steal. He was one of the primary drivers behind the Wizards’ comeback.

Micheal Eric
- Eric looked good for the second game in a row, putting up 20 points on a super efficient 8-10 shooting performance, plus a game-high 8 rebounds. He was all over the court, sneaking to the rim for putbacks and exploding off the dribble. But before you rush to ask when the Wizards will sign Eric, remember: As a 28-year old D-Leaguer, Eric is a known quantity. Whatever the Wizards’ evaluation of his talent and fit is, it will be based on a much larger body of work then a few Summer League games against rookies.

Aaron White - It was another tough game for White. He got the start again, but struggled to fit into the flow on offense, scoring just 2 points. Though he did have two assists in a little over 18 minutes, he looked over-matched defensively and struggled on the boards (ending with 3 rebounds).