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FAQ about KD2DC in light of the Thunder's playoff exit

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors - Game Seven Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Q: Did the Thunder's playoff run help or hurt their chances of keeping Kevin Durant?

It had to help. The Thunder knocked off a 67-win team and nearly knocked off a 73-win team in the same playoff run. Oklahoma City's core is still young and depending on how Golden State addresses their free agent situation this summer, could be in a position where they're the favorites to win the title even if they don't shake the roster up much this summer.

Q: What did KD mean when he said he didn't want to be recruited this summer?

Probably that he doesn't want to watch every team in the NBA put together lame videos to show how much their fans love him. Seriously, who wants to go through all that?

Honestly, the best way to lure Durant is to invite him over to play video games, sneak a contract under a pile of napkins and then try to make a case that a KD's thumbprint, covered in Cheeto dust on the contract, constitutes a legally binding agreement.

You laugh, but that's how Shawn Kemp wound up on the Cavaliers.

Q: If KD signs with the Wizards, is the Lil B curse still in effect?


Q: When he was asked what matters most in his decision this summer, Durant said he values being in a "good environment with a good coach" this summer. Does that help the Wizards' case?

Yes and no. In one respect, it's good because you could argue he still values the right fit over a flat-out chase for a ring. That said, when you look at his full quote it seems like it would be hard to convince him there's a better environment out there than the one he already had is Oklahoma City.

Like I said, the most important thing for me is the type of people I'm going to be around every single day. If I'm enjoying playing basketball, that's what I'm really -- that's the thing I really want to center everything around. I love my teammates here. I love playing basketball here. So that's what's important to me.

Obviously, winning a championship is what we all want to do, but at the same time, you want to be around good people. You want to be in a good environment with a good coach. That's what's most important to me."

Q: Don't you think Durant would prefer playing with a pass-first point guard like John Wall instead of Russell Westbrook?

You know Westbrook (10.4) averaged more assists per game than Wall (10.2) this season, don't you?

Q: Really?

Yeah. I mean, Wall's numbers would probably go up a little with Durant, but still. Also probably worth noting Westbrook only averaged 0.6 more field goal attempts than Wall last season.

Q: Welp.

That's not a question.