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Watch Bria Hartley crossover Tiffany Hayes ... TWICE!

Breezy makes these plays look like a breeze.

Stewart W. Small

Bria Hartley scored 13 points in the Mystics' 95-65 beatdown of the Atlanta Dream. It wasn't just that Hartley scored 13 points. She made two highlights in Washington's first home win of the season with her now-patented crossover.

In the first quarter, she performed one crossover to get enough separation from her defender, Tiffany Hayes which allowed her to drive left and get a scoop shot at the basket:

If that wasn't enough, Hartley made Hayes slip in the fourth quarter, followed up with a mid range J.

Maggie Lucas may have fallen down, but in that instance, Lucas fell down once and her Indiana Fever won the game. Hayes, on the other hand, was exposed twice to Hartley's wrath -- AND her Atlanta Dream lost by 30.

After this performance of highlight plays in a big win, defenders around the league may be thinking twice before risking the same fate.