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Mystics vs. Lynx preview: Casting D.C.'s and Minnesota's rosters to the Star Wars universe

Time to get out those light sabers!

L - Stewart W. Small, R - Clement Bilan, Getty Images

The Mystics host the Lynx on Saturday, June 11 at Verizon Center at 7 p.m. ET. You can watch it online via Monumental Sports Network if you live near D.C. or you can watch on WNBA League Pass.

The main storyline is that Washington swept Minnesota in the regular season series last season. When you include preseason games from last year and this year, the Mystics beat the Lynx a combined five straight times.

Yes, the Lynx are the reigning WNBA champs. But for some reason, they just can't beat the Mystics because they don't have much bench depth and they're starting to get a little old too. Washington, on the other hand, have exactly what Minnesota doesn't: bench depth and youth.

The Lynx beat the Dream 110-78 on Friday night so maybe they'll be a bit tired when tonight's game in D.C. starts.

It's also Star Wars Night!

So to get ourselves in the mood, we have compared some Mystics players, the coach, and some of their Lynx counterparts to various Star Wars characters. This game will be a space soap opera for the ages!

-- Albert Lee and Jake Whitacre

The Mystics are the Jedi Order (The Good Guys)

Mike Thibault as Yoda

Mike Thibault is a veteran coach who has been part of multiple NBA championship teams with the Lakers and developed many stars over the years like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, and even Lindsay Whalen who plays for the Lynx. He's a sage, just like Yoda who has trained numerous Jedi, most notably Luke Skywalker to fight the Galactic Empire.

- Albert Lee

Emma Meesseman as Luke Skywalker

Among the players, Meesseman's a warrior, and so is Skywalker.

In addition, her mother was the Belgian player of the year in 1983. She brings a sixth-sense and full arsenal to the basketball court that Coach Thibault seems to think she could very well be the Mystics' franchise player .

- Elle Ward

Ivory Latta as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Latta would be a really good Obi-Wan because she's a vet, but she's still really skilled and good when healthy. In his old age, Obi-Wan was still good but clearly lost a step and was eventually killed by Vader to kick off the drama in the first trilogy.

- Mike Sykes

Tayler Hill as Rey

In the Star Wars world, Rey kind of slick, edgy and new. Hill is kinda like her because this is the first year where Mystics fans have seen her break out.

Her game is really progressive and, though she's still kiiiind of young, she gets it done against the best. Only a few more years and she'll be right there. Maybe sooner.

- Mike Sykes

Stefanie Dolson as Hans Solo

Her shot might abandon you in your time of need, but in a pinch she brings some powerful stuff. And I expect her to be smuggling in a bunch of Hi-Lo's with Luke -- I mean Emma -- this year.

- Elle Ward

Bria Hartley as Poe Dameron

She might not be as strong as some of the other Mystics, but when you need her to create some space, she will bring her cross-over and leave defenders hanging.

Poe's the same way like the above GIF noted.

- Elle Ward

The Lynx are The First Order or the Galactic Empire (The Bad Guys)

The Mystics have owned them, but it's not like they don't have a bunch of really good (okay, in this case BAD) players.

Cheryl Reeve as Darth Vader

When you win three championships in five years, everyone thinks you're the bad guy.

Darth Vader is like the head of all the bad guys in Star Wars -- even for someone who doesn't know much about their universe knows this. For that reason, Coach Reeve is his equivalent for Saturday's game.

- Albert Lee

Maya Moore as General Grievous

Moore has sooooooo many skills that it only seems appropriate to consider her a cyborg, like this bad guy

- Elle Ward

Sylvia Fowles as Darth Maul

Moore is so tall and talented, not to mention locked-in, it should come as no surprise that she was the MVP of the Finals last year. #DoublesidedSaber

Yeah, those double-sided sabers certainly help Darth Maul stay locked in the game too.

- Elle Ward

Lindsey Whalen as the Second Sun on Tatooine

The four-time Olympian will make you wilt under the onslaught of no-look passes and opportunistic buckets. Her face last year when the Mystics swept the Lynx was priceless. I am quite sure she wants to go cosmic on them. [Credit Binary Sunset]

- Elle Ward

(* * *)

Clearly, this is all in good fun. Saturday should be a blast for the team and fans alike!

We would also like to give an air high-five to Elle's friend James Johnson @rolastis, who begrudgingly helped us put this together.

: )