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Bria Hartley makes a double crossover, evades Brittney Griner for a fadeaway jumper


I'll admit that I'm a Bria Hartley fanboy.

I love her highlights from anklebreakers to three-point buzzer beaters. And I apologize personally to her that I missed this one while I was out of town last weekend.

Last Sunday, the Mystics got their butts handed to them by the Phoenix Mercury, 93-77. It sucked. If anything, Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner probably gave UMMC teammate Emma Messseman a reason why she should demand a trade to the Phoeni ...

wait a minute!

Holy crap!

1. Hartley is defended by Mercury forward Candice Dupree. She crosses over to her left and Dupree is stunned.

left move

2. But that is just the beginning. Taurasi is also there to help out and she is to Hartley's left. Dupree is just recovering. Ultimately, Hartley is defended by two taller players.

The solution? Crossover to the right! The result: an open path to the basket!

bria hartley crossover right

Look at Dupree and Taurasi. They are both looking silly out there.

3. Of course, the Mercury are a good defensive team. Griner is a Defensive Player of the Year. The 6'8 center helps out and is ready to block any Hartley shot attempt. As the WNBA's best shot blocker, smacking Bria down should be a piece of cake!

griner block attempt

4. But ... Hartley has the heart of a lion. She wills herself during times like these. She times her shot just right by taking a fade away and getting the score!

hartley fadeaway shot

Yeah, I wish the Mystics could have won this game. But I gotta tell you, Hartley is having a nice bounceback season and is quickly earning herself more love with plays like this.

Keep doing what you do Bria!

And to those who are thinking that Emma's going anywhere? FORGET ABOUT IT!