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Emma Meesseman celebrates UMMC's Russian title with a huge bottle of champagne

and Diana Taurasi photobombs it.

You may have heard that Emma Meesseman and UMMC Ekaterinburg beat Nadezhda Orenburg in the EuroLeague Women Championship recently. That's awesome.

But did you know that UMMC beat Nadezhda again earlier this week in the Russian League finals? UMMC, who also have Phoenix Mercury duo Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner beat their rivals in three games, the most recent this past Wednesday.

To celebrate the championship, Meesseman posted this on her Instagram with a huge bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne. I'm no wine or champagne connoisseur, but my hunch is that this bottle is a double magnum, since a magnum is just 1.5 liters. Correct me if I'm wrong on this one.

Meanwhile, it appears that Taurasi opened the bottle herself before the photo was taken and decided to make a cameo appearance.

I wrote too much at this point, so here's the photo:

another win, another title, another cup! #Russianchamps #UMMC #goinghomesoon #photobombspotted

A photo posted by Emma Meesseman (@emma_meesseman) on

God knows how many people can drink from that bottle. Or how much champagne someone can drink in general.

The Mystics' regular season starts on May 14 when I presume Meesseman will be back. Hopefully winning two championships will motivate her to win one with the Mystics.

But either way Emma, time to show this league what you're made of. We know you can do it!