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Bill Simmons goaded Colin Cowherd into kinda apologizing to John Wall

Colin Cowherd has a history of saying unflattering things about John Wall. We don't need to revisit all of them, but here's an example.

On Thursday, Bill Simmons (who previously called him out on his podcast for being wrong about Wall) confronted him about his stance on Wall, which you can watch below:

The best part comes right as Simmons brings up the subject and Cowherd's face scrunches up like someone who was just informed their cat coughed up a furball on the new patio furniture.

He then tried to point out that he's said some nice things about Wall recently and that he's "mostly" backed off, in the same way people say they love "some" rap music but can only name rap songs of Jock Jams.

As he pressed harder to get Cowherd to back off, Colin said he was starting to feel "bullied" by Simmons. And he probably has a point there. After all, who would know better about what it's like to bully someone than a man who once evoked an athlete's dead father to criticize their leadership abilities?

Afterward, they discussed some conspiracy theories about Wall showing up at Wednesday's Cavaliers-Hawks game. Of course, they probably didn't realize at the time he was in Cleveland for surgery the next day, so you can forgive the odd speculations there.

Finally at the end of the segment, Cowherd said he apologized to John Wall, but didn't specify what exactly it was he was sorry about. If anything, it felt more like a detente agreement to not criticize Wall anymore.

Is that sufficient for all the unfair things he's said about Wall over the years? Definitely not. But at the same time, as long as he stays true to what he said, at least it means we won't have to deal with his ramblings anymore, which is as much as we can realistically ask for at this point.