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John Wall says undergoing procedure will help him reach "full potential" in video

Before he underwent surgery on Thursday, John Wall shared some thoughts about his procedure to Uninterrupted:

The interesting part comes at the 15 second mark when he says the following:

This is something important that I need to get taken care of to prepare myself for next season, to come back even better and stronger. It's something that's been lagging me the last couple of years not helping me reach my full potential. No excuses though, whenever I step out on that court I compete and do whatever it takes to win. I know this in the best interest of me, for my team, and the fans. Just stick behind me, it's important. Stick behind me on this journey. Peace out.

It's good to see Wall is optimistic about how his surgery could help him return better next season, but it's still concerning to see him go under the knife to address knee issues that have hindered him at different times during his career. Hopefully this is the last time he needs to address these issues in this manner.