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Top Stories of the Week: the Wizards' Draft Lottery woes and Mystics' slow start take center stage

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The summer is upon us, hopefully meaning less rain here in D.C.

A number of interesting things have gone on over the past week. Let me kick this off by mentioning that the "Great 2016 Bread vs Cake Debate" reared it's ugly head in last week's episode...

Sparking a bit of a -- this seems accurate -- Civil War, if you will, in the writers' room. Sides were drawn, hot dogs were excluded.

But moving onto more pressing things Jake also analyzed the Wizards through the lens of the Simpsons. You decide. I take Lisa with the assist.

Anyway, let's start with the Top Stories of the Week. Both the Wizards and Mystics could have had better weeks, but they weren't the worst ones either.

Let's go!

The Wizards officially lost their pick at the Draft Lottery

Albert wrote up a great preview asking 'what if we got a top 3 pick?', and reminding us that Bob Costas has indeed been around forever. And for me, that time he had wicked pink eye at the Sochi Olympics, in 2014. Disconcerting.

But in the end, it went exactly the way we thought it would. Welcome, Markieff Morris.

Jake and Akbar debated in this week's Podcast whether or not they would bring the free agents back, with price tags, as I imagine them.

Player Evaluations Galore!

In the spirit of roster analysis, we also started our player evaluations for the Wizards.

Alan took a look at veteran Jared Dudley, which the man himself seemed to agree with.

Mike Sykes did some digging regarding the second best player on the team, Marcin Gortat and decided he had a solid, yet inconsistent season.

Alan Anderson did not impress this year, according to Alan Jenkins.

The Mystics are winless in the record books, but there's still progress

The Mystics started their season as well this past week. First, this news from ESPN bodes well, really good numbers for the season opening games.

But last Saturday, the Mystics lost their first game. Bummer.

Would we take the Mystics' front or backcourt confidence bolstered to start the season?

Well, we definitely got one of them. L.W. has a terrific recap of the Mystic's first game.

We unfortunately lost on Wednesday, as well, against the Dallas Wings, very short-handed. Here is L.W.s preview, and my Recap.

I am high on Kahleah Copper, our 7th pick in the 2016 draft.  Chick is ready to ball. These numbers may not illustrate it fully, but she did a lot of little things that make me want to buy-in.

Additional links and stories

The Wizards practice facility, and Mystics' main venue, that is slated to open in 2018 is causing a number of people to take sides. There seems to be no shortage of pro's and con's to the development, as described thoroughly in this article by Ashley Dejean from WAMU 88.5, American University Radio.

Lindsey Gibbs had a very telling assessment of the Mystics injury woes in this article and about the overseas scheduling problem for the WNBA.

The Twitterverse got active, giving John Wall a push for the NBA's Community Assist Award.

And from the community itself.

And of course, he got some Mystic's support. Good luck Wallstar!

New Wiz Head Coach Scott Brooks visited Poland, I mean Orlando, and conveniently met up with Marcin Gortat. Seems like a date with a lot of extra chairs. Well done, coach!

But who knew the Polish Hammer was hanging with Drake ?

Well, that's this week's recap from me in what was an action-packed seven days. These links certainly aren't the only ones around the Wizards and Mystics over the past week, so if you have another you'd like to share, do so in the comments or in a FanPost!