How can the Wizards get a draft pick?

For the first time in a couple years the Wizards actually seem to have a roster ready for rookies. The team has seven spots secured: Wall, Beal (almost surely), Otto, Morris, Gortat, Oubre, and seemingly Sato. That locks in all 5 starting spots with a backup wing and a backup G. There are 7-9 spots remaining, including lots of minutes at both PF and C.

This draft isn't supposed to be very strong, but one position it is deep in is bigs. There are a few guys who have been suggested to have lottery talent at times this season that are now looking at the late 1st or possibly 2nd round, including Thon Maker, Diamond Stone, Chieck Diallo, Stephen Zimmerman and Malik Pope. Others to note in the 2nd include Onuaku, Brice Johnson and Damian Jones.

The Wizards, alas, do not have any picks. But we have seen picks be given away for very little before (including by us), so why can't we pick one up? In my opinion there are a few clear targets for unloading picks.

Celtics: Picks 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58. 11 guys under contract for 2017.

Denver: Picks 7, 15, 19, 53, 56. 11 guys under contract for 2017.

Suns: Picks 4, 13, 28, 34. 8 guys under contract for 2017.

Then you also have contenders who look to give away picks, like potentially the Clippers (25, 33). The other top teams either have 1 or 0 picks so they seem more likely to use theirs.

Boston and Denver are clearly going to need to move some picks, and I'm sure they will look to do so for talent upgrades. But picks in the late 1st or 2nd, of which those two teams have 8 total, don't have a lot of value in negotiations for stars, so I expect some of these to become available to teams like us.

So what would we need to give up? Last year Minn moved to 23 for 2 2nds (one was 31 overall) and Rakeem Christmas. Charlotte moved to 39 for two 2nds in 2018/19. In 2014 the 35th went for a future 2nd, as did the 48th, and the 44th and 46th (ours) went for cash considerations.

So where does that put us? Assuming we aren't going to move Oubre, anything in the top 20 is pretty likely out. We have nothing to deal (minus future 1sts which seems very unlikely). Boston's 23 might be attainable, but certainly by LAC at 33, Phx at 34, and Bos at 35 and 45, it seems pretty clear that we could pick something up without giving up much of anything (future 2nds, cash).

So EG, get on the phones, and BF start prioritizing your draft prospects starting at 33.

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