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2016 NBA Draft Lottery Open Thread

Quickly, let's review the Wizards' odds in tonight's lottery one last time:

  • 14th pick (would go to Phoenix) - 1.8 percent chance
  • 13th pick (would go to Phoenix) - 96.0 percent chance
  • 3rd pick (would stay with Washington) - 0.9 percent chance
  • 2nd pick (would stay with Washington) - 0.8 percent chance
  • 1st pick (would stay with Washington) - 0.6 percent chance

In other words, there's a 97.8 percent chance the Wizards lose their pick this evening thanks to the Markieff Morris trade. If not, the Wizards will likely lose that pick next season, but not before picking up a massive asset that will go a long way to helping the team avoid going back to the lottery next season.

Either way, we'll figure out very quickly who will control the pick going into this year's draft. If the Suns aren't one of the first two teams pulled out of an envelope tonight, that means the Wizards are keeping their pick, and it's going to be a very good one.