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NBA Lottery: Washington's lottery pick conveyed to Phoenix as part of Markieff Morris deal

2015 NBA Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The 2016 NBA Lottery is over, and as expected the Washington Wizards will not have a lottery pick in this year's draft.

Washington traded their first round pick with Top-9 protection back in February in order to acquire Markieff Morris from the Phoenix Suns. The only Washington could have kept the pick this season is if they had moved up into the Top 3 through the lottery process. Washington only had a 2.2 percent chance of moving into one of those top 3 spots.

The Wizards could still theoretically make a move to get back into the first round via a trade, but it's highly unlikely. Most of the players on the roster are on expiring deals which can't be traded. Those who have contracts that go into next season are considered part of the team's core and probably won't be moved unless they get an offer they can't refuse.

Furthermore, Washington appears content with not having a first-rounder in this year's draft. Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld had this to say at the end of the season when he was asked about not having a draft pick:

We look at Markieff as being our draft pick. I don't think we were going to get a player at where we were going to be drafting that can do the kind of things that he can do and be on the contract for three years like that and still be young, but proven. So we feel really good about that situation as far as Markieff is concerned, compared to a draft pick.

The draft nowadays you're drafting a freshman or sophomore and you have to develop them and those are not the kind of players, in most cases, who can come in and contribute to a playoff-caliber team and we feel like we're a playoff-caliber team and that's what we want to get back to and we have a lot of pieces in place already.

The Wizards also do not have a second round pick in this year's draft. That was traded away as part of the deal to acquire Kelly Oubre during the 2015 Draft.