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Stefanie Dolson comes out in ESPN article

Stewart W. Small

On Wednesday, Mystics center Stefanie Dolson announced that she is gay in an article co-written with ESPN writer Katie Barnes. The article is part of ESPN Magazine's series on the WNBA's 20th season.

In the article, Dolson stated her reason for coming out which was in order to lead an "authentic life in the open."

Dolson also talked about how the Mystics locker room is regarding players who are gay or straight, and basically why she is the outgoing young lady that she is. After all, she often has purple hair! Anyway, here's the quote:

Within our team, most people are comfortable with players freely expressing who they are. When I entered the league, I met these women and got to know them. I learned who was straight and who wasn't, it's no secret. It's just not something that is always in a press release.

Not everyone in the WNBA needs to be out, but I feel called to lead an authentic life in the open. I know who I am and I don't care if people judge me. I am 6-5, and I dye my hair purple and experiment a lot with fashion. My motto is: If they're going to stare, they might as well stare at something fun. There are a lot of girls who struggle being who they are. We need people who are out so that those girls know it's OK to be themselves, regardless of stereotypes. By being open, I give them someone to look up to, and however they identify, I can inspire them to support equality and LGBT issues.

In addition to the article, Dolson spoke with Barnes in a podcast that you can listen to here.

Like Dolson, I want to see people lead happy lives and be happy with who they are. Dolson and the rest of the Mystics start their regular season on Saturday, May 14 against the New York Liberty at 7 p.m. ET.

I am generally not one to rally troops to watch games in and of itself. But you should go to the game to root for the Mystics and root for Big Mama Stef.

Why? Because like the rest of us, she is a John Wall fan! Go Stef!