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Steph Curry broke Gilbert Arenas' record for most points in an overtime period

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Stephen Curry's takeover in overtime of Game 4 against the Blazers on Monday night was incredible for a number of reasons, but let's focus real quick on the record he broke for most points scored in an overtime period. The previous record holder was Gilbert Arenas, who set the mark by dropping 16 on the Lakers in overtime to lift the Wizards to a 147-141 victory. You may also remember this was the game where he scored a career-high 60 points.

A college student by the username of Pradamaster watched the game and had this to say about the performance:

There was one play that was metaphoric of Arenas incredible night. Arenas already had 55 points and took the ball on a handoff at the top of the key. Dribbling left, Arenas cut between Kobe and Vladimir Radmanovic and started to surge around the corner. Kobe tried to cheat and cut him off, but just as he did so, Arenas abruptly stopped just behind the three point line, somehow squared up, and launched a three. Swish. Kobe was literally standing behind the elbow when Arenas was in the air.  It was the most incredible hesitation I've ever seen, and it came after over 50 minutes of basketball. Insane.

The scary part about Arenas' performance to close out overtime against the Lakers was that he could have scored more. He missed a shot and three free throws during the overtime period. He could have had 21 points and still been the record holder if he just knocked down those shots. Oh well. The highlights were still pretty great.

While it's no longer the greatest overtime performance in NBA history, it will always be a memorable moment for Wizards fans. Arenas put together a brilliant performance that night against one of the league's best, and set the stage for one of the best runs in franchise history. In the month that followed, the Arenas has two more games where he scored over 50 points, two game-winning shots, and helped the Wizards to big wins over the Suns (led by MVP Steve Nash), Bulls (who won 49 games that season and made the second round of the playoffs), and Jazz (who made it to the Western Conference Finals).