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FanDuel: Be on the lookout for players who may be resting at the end of the season

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The 2015-16 NBA regular season is almost over. With most teams' postseason fates decided at this point, some top-performing teams will rest their top players before the NBA Playoffs begin. Some other teams that missed the postseason -- like the Wizards -- may rest their top players in order to protect them from injury.

During most of the regular season, it's a safe bet that you'll know who is going to be starting each game. But during the end of the season, it's not as clear. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that you don't accidentally have a star player on your lineup who decides to rest just an hour before tipoff. I'll admit, it's happened to me before with fantasy basketball. And it sucks.

1. Check social media and your fantasy lineup multiple times a day, up until the time of the game - This is common sense, but people forget to do this. I'm no different. NBA teams release their lineups within a couple hours to tipoff so if there is a time when you may have to make a last minute change, it's within one hour to 30 minutes before a game begins.

2. Anticipate who is likely to rest in advance - You know some teams, esp. the San Antonio Spurs, like to rest their players from time to time. When you know a top-tier NBA team whose postseason seed is pre-determined is playing a doormat, you can reasonably expect that some starters will take the night off. If you don't have time to check your rosters often, then play someone else.

3. Play younger players when you can - Even if your 30-year-old veteran star on a top-tier team is playing, there is a good chance that he will play limited minutes so he can get some more rest. When that happens, the veteran's fantasy numbers are down, and you suffer too. In light of that, play younger players (24 or younger) who are starting on mid-tier or lottery-bound teams. These players are often playing to make a nice last impression for their fans.

So that's one last tip to look out for before the season is finally over. Don't let resting players hurt your lineup because you fail to check.