An open letter to Kevin Durant

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Dear Kevin Durant,

My name is Johnny Obeid. I've been a fan of the Washington Wizards since I was about 6 years old (18 now). I've watched my team win, I've watched my team lose, and I've watched my team suffer.

Growing up watching Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, and Caron Butler during the 2000's was amazing. Even though we made the playoffs with 41 or 42 wins, it was special to me. I was a little kid thinking Gilbert Arenas was the future of the Wizards, but things changed. In 2010, we got lucky and got the first overall pick with a 10.3% chance to land the number 1 pick.

As you know we drafted John Wall. Watching Wall's first few seasons were frustrating. Not because of Wall, but because of the team. We all watched our team fall and become a joke with Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and Nick Young at the helm. Wall was a young player, about 21 years old getting criticized. The Wizards then traded for Nene in 2012, drafted a few pieces and the Wizards made the 2014 NBA Playoffs and beat the Bulls in a 4-1 series win. Losing to number 1 seed Pacers in 6, Wizards fans had bright things to look at.

The next year, the Wizards would have their highest W/L record since 1978, at 46-36 sweeping the Raptors. Things looked promising in the second round in Atl, but Wall got hurt and missed games. The season ended. This season has been a different story. The Wizards were ranked the most unhealthiest team in the league until April 4th, 2016. They lost many games by a few points or less and a few free throws would've made a difference. Out of the playoffs.

D.C. fans like us deserve a winning team. You know it, you're a Redskins fan, a Nationals fan and (probably) a Capitals fan just like I. You're my second favorite NBA player, right after John Wall. Seeing you cheer for the Skins and Nats is music to all of our ears. D.C. fans want you here more than anything. A potential starting five of Wall, Bradley Beal, Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat and yourself would be crazy.

Again, D.C. fans want a winning team. We crave for it. We're passionate about it. I understand it's a very tough decision, but I don't know how tough it actually is. Think of how cool it can be for you to be back in your hometown as a Washington Wizard. You would also get to battle against LeBron James for three or four times a year. if not more. The highlights of Wall passing to you would be outstanding!

Thanks for reading,

Die Hard DC Sports fan

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