The buck is now with Ted Leonsis

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I've been reading some of the open letters on BF and it inspired to have my pop at it, an outlet for my moaning for the last 6 months.

Three years ago when I was a freshman in college, my then-roommate suggested that I buy Wizards season tickets. Needless to say, I thought it was a great idea. I was -- and still am -- a die-hard Wizards fan. We had just spent a season looking like we have some promise. We had some young pieces and a defense to get excited about. And in fairness for a couple of seasons, that hope looked valid.

This season though everything crashed and burned, and I'm now proud to say to I'm no longer a season ticket holder for the upcoming season. Take that Ted Leonsis.

I'm not interested in harping on about what went wrong this year. To me, it's gone too far for that. We can't point the finger at Ernie Grunfeld, Randy Wittman or even some of the players anymore. We already know that they shouldn't even be here anymore.

I'm looking at you Ted, the buck is with you now.

There was a time where despite the embarrassment of the season, I was still interested in maybe renewing my seats. I have a friend who also had season tickets, who was telling me that how Monumental Sports reached out to him asking him about renewals -- which he did not -- and what they can do to convince him to stay.

No one ever reached out to me. No one even answered my calls or my emails. That, and then what me to pay 25 percent more than the year before! I've been overspending on a game that's half empty anyway.

After three years, Monumental Sports doesn't even have the courtesy to talk to me, other than sending me an automated email to renew online while charging me 25 percent more. It's an embarrassment, Ted, to continue to overprice a product that already overpriced and not even provide an ounce of service. Not to mention that season ticket holder events of any interest are virtually non-exist anyway, this was enough for me to say no more and let my tickets run out.

This draws way to many parallels, however, with what we see on the basketball side of things. Ted is not interested in basketball, at least not as much as hockey anyway. He is only interested in money.

If you ever watch a Capitals game, you'll know quickly that Ted seems to like hockey. I'm not sure anyone can make a case that he likes basketball. I'm sure he is more excited about the free chicken promotions like half of the shambolic "fans" at Verizon Center because somewhere that promotion nets him some cash. He barely shows up to games, and when he does, he is more concerned with what celebrity at the game we can schmooze with or chat up.

As an owner after watching this trainwreck -- which is what I think many of us saw coming early in the season -- how is it even possible to stay the course? How can you bring your President of Basketball Operations back, who was achieved nothing but mediocrity for over 12 (!!) years? How does the head coach still have a job after such gross under-performance and a clear crumbling of the foundation his own success as a coach was built on (defensive struggles)?

The fact that this had been going on so long without him doing about it is already damning enough. But now the news that Grunfeld is coming back... That's the end of the line.

It validates what most of us are beginning to accept about Ted: He doesn't want to win.

He wants to keep the team in a state where he doesn't need to invest any of his resources but he can still get a nice paycheck in return. He wants to keep the team at mediocre state so that people will still buy hope, not to mention the burgers, the beers and shirts at the stadium, so he can still make promotions like the free chicken.

He doesn't want to change who heads basketball operations because doing so may cost him more money. Perhaps from an economical standpoint, Grunfeld may be the best "value": a "relatively" low salary, with a guarantee of a team hopefully hovering a little above .500.

We'll see what happens with Wittman, but don't expect a Tom Thibodeau or Scott Brooks walking through the door. Uncle Ted is gonna have to pay top dollar for those guys, not gonna happen.

As long as there no change in attitude from ownership, this team is going nowhere. Golden State is a perfect example of the anti-Wizards and the results that yields. They fired a perfectly good coach to take a risk on something that may or may not have worked, but it ended up making them one of the best teams ever. Would Ted EVER do something like that? Ted will never take a risk to win if has a chance of costing him money. Would any of the great owners in sports be so risk averse? Obviously not.

So here is my message to you Ted:

You don't want to overspend, well then don't ask me to overspend either.

I overspend every frigging game for a lackluster product and the time has come that I have had enough. I'm not spending anymore. And I'm sure as hell not the only one. Until you begin to gives us fans something back, expect to receive less and less from us. Change your ways or get out, since we deserve better than this.

And to my fellow Wizards commiserators, if you love this team, don't go to games, don't buy merchandise and get vocal. Supporting the current state of affairs means we'll toil in mediocrity for years to come, and to be frank it's not acceptable anymore. It's time for a change, even if that means we change our behavior as fans. If it can work in Liverpool, maybe it can in D.C.

Ted out.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.