Ted, Don't Let Inertia Win

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Ted,

As a suite owner and someone who has religiously followed the Wizards for a very long time, I am incredibly frustrated by the state of this team. Very shortly, we will most likely be eliminated from the playoffs. Even if we miraculously "back in" the underlying state of affairs remains dismal.

I and many, if not most, fans are begging for change. A new GM is needed because the Wizards need a culture of winning. Cultural change starts with ownership and you can do so with the right hire. It is clear that current management will not be able to do so. The tract record is clear. The Washington Post has issued a "don't get your hopes up piece" by stating contract as the main reason for the same management next season. I urge you ... don't let inertia win.

Inertia would state "maybe not now, let the contracts run out so we can be in a better cash position". Inertia would state "we have to negotiate Beal's contract" or "Durant's free agency is around the corner - we can't blow up our message, pitch or strategy". Inertia would ask "who will re-sign all the players and manage free agency?" These are the tranquilizing words of inertia.

However what inertia can't address is opportunity time costs and the natural consequences that follow. Each season without a winning culture is a season of fan base erosion. Each season without a winning culture is a season that wastes away John Wall's prime. Time, I would argue, is against us and inertia would compound it. Instead, we should, as MLK stated in his I Have A Dream Speech, have "the fierce urgency of now". A bold signal must be sent that we are valuable, the players are valuable and that ownership is vested in creating a winning culture.

Please do not let the small excuses of inertia delay or destroy the big picture. If need be, install an acting GM but it's time to make a clear statement that the status quo can't continue and that inertia will not win.

Thanks for your consideration.

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