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Ernie Grunfeld is under contract for next season, according to report

As it becomes more and more clear that the Wizards will not make the playoffs, more and more people have begun trying to project what changes the Wizards will make to respond to such a disappointing season. Apparently, it's looking like Ernie Grunfeld will not be part of those changes, according to Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post:

Coach Randy Wittman's future is uncertain because next season - the final year of his three-year contract -€” is only partially guaranteed, but President Ernie Grunfeld is under contract for next season, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation, which strongly suggests that he will return for his 14th season as the franchise's general manger. It is not known when owner Ted Leonsis and Grunfeld agreed to the extension.

This wouldn't be the first time that Grunfeld has received an extra year on his contract without a public acknowledgment from the team. Back in 2014, Mike Wise reported Grunfeld had a previously unreported extra year on his contract in the midst of the team's playoff run.

Obviously, this won't come as inspiring news for many Wizards fans hoping this year's disappointment would lead to changes in management. Perhaps things could change and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis will opt to pay out the remainder of Grunfeld's contract to bring in someone new, but if the first 77 games of the season haven't been enough to convince ownership to make a change, it's hard to imagine what could happen in the last five games that would change anything.

If nothing else, this report makes it even more clear that Randy Wittman's future is in major jeopardy. If Grunfeld isn't taking the fall, that leaves Wittman to be the scapegoat for missing the playoffs.

Additionally, this should make it clear the team is still committed to whatever big plans they have in place for this summer, whether it be for Kevin Durant, or someone else. Only time will tell what exactly Washington has planned, but it's looking more like it will be coming from the same leadership that's guided Washington for the last 13 seasons.