Monumental Sports is not listening to the demands of Wizards fans

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Thankfully, the West Coast swing is over. A loss to the Sacramento Kings? Really?

Some of us at the Bullets Forever community, postulate, analyze, and criticize Monumental Sports' handling of the Washington Wizards. But guess what? They're not listening.

Is Monumental's motto: even if the Wizards are broke, why fix it?

Some say Coach Randy Wittman should've been fired months ago. Others, Ernie Grunfeld. We hear of the constant threats of fans saying "If they don't go, I'm not watching another game." And the Free Oubre community knows no bounds.

We all know Nene Hilario cries at every foul call. Nene's gonna neigh. That's what he does. But Nene, you can't be big for no reason, crash those boards.

Ramon Sessions, instead of making plays, drives to the basket to draw fouls. And John Wall, (I'm ready for you BF), some days he's the leader and other days, I really don't know what game he's watching. As Paul Pierce said, while playing for the Wizards last season, "both of those guys [Wall and Beal] have the potential to be great. I love them. But sometimes I'm not sure they realize what it takes."

But if you, like me, decided to watch the Golden State Warriors versus the Boston Celtics, you know what a quality NBA team and organization really look like. Not a team filled with marquee players. But a group of men that play like a great NBA team. A team that doesn't commit careless turnovers, consistently makes its free throws and has a dedicated fanbase that loves them. The players on the Celtics bring their lunch pails to work day in and day out. Despite their perceived lack of talent, the Celtics play basketball the way it's supposed to be played.

What I noticed during that match up, is that the Celtics didn't come inside Oracle Arena afraid of the Warriors. The Celtics said to themselves, "They are men, just like us. That's the same basket. We can beat them. Just like we almost did in double OT earlier this season." The Celtics collectively did their job and beat the Warriors in their own house last weekend.

Fun fact: Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics was drafted last in 2011. But guess who's going to the playoffs?

Now when the Wizards came out to play against the Warriors. They started out good, and then as usual, lost gas after the half. I'm not saying the Wizards were scared. I'm saying they stopped playing.

Now, on our boards, no one seems to want Otto Porter to leave. He's "young", some of you comment. So are Bradley Beal and John Wall. You can't expect them to be leaders at this age. Really?

Well, Magic Johnson, during the 1980 Finals match up of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Boston Celtics, as a rookie didn't expect to be a leader either. But when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was sidelined with an injury, Magic not only led that team a championship but was also the Finals MVP.

We can all google it. Did anyone say Magic was too young to be a leader? So please stop with the ageism excuse.

Other teams are resting some of their players in the run up to the playoffs. Even the Wizards, I daresay, thought of resting some of their players last week. You could've fooled me, I thought the Wizards were resting all season.

Yet, the players are still going to get paid. Whether they're good, in our opinion, or not. I wonder how many of us can show up to work every day, sit around in a suit, like Alan Anderson, do nothing, and still get paid? At least Jarell Eddie is whipping around a towel.

Some say blow the team up, and start anew. With who? I ask you, with who? Who wants to come here? I mean G-Man even left. The mascot?

Players rather leave, just ask Paul Pierce. And don't say Pierce left to go home. Because the only time Kevin Durant is coming to D.C., is to either play against us, or visit the monuments.

Paul Pierce saw what I saw. A team that acts like they just met each other in the locker room, and put together a pickup team. A team that has unforced turnovers. A team that can't shoot a free throw. It's called "free" for a reason. A team that will be up by 20 going into the half, and lose by 2, when all is said and done. And a team that can't play neither offense nor defense.

However, in the final analysis, leadership starts at the top. Why should Ted Leonsis and Monumental Sports listen to you? As an NBA owner, he's getting paid, regardless how this team performs.

Forget about the tax breaks, and obscure accounting, that professional team owners receive. And as Kevin Durant said, regarding the new TV deal which takes place later this year, "I don't see how owners can say they're losing money now."

Some are worried about whether Bradley Beal will receive the max, if not some other team will give it to him. Stop counting other people's money, and start counting our own.

I find it a crying shame. And by crying, I mean literally. That during a televised game, in which we're losing by the way, that they have the nerve to show a 'become a DC 12 Club' member. How about the other 11 actual members become members of the NBA?

No matter what we say, Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld are going to continue to run this organization into the ground. And expect you to pay for it while doing so.

I believe we fans, put in more sweat and tears in Verizon Center, than the Wizards themselves.

But hey, while Golden State is chasing 73 wins and another World Championship, we're chasing free Egg McMuffins and a free t-shirt. The t-shirt, by the way, makes no sense, because they don't seem to make it past the floor seats.

Yet, some of us, get up over our seat, hoping to get that elusive t-shirt. Which we would get for free, like last year, when we attended Wizards playoff games. But then again, this may be the only time we get to stand and cheer this year, the way the Wizards have been playing this season.

Are we fans or are we sheep? Next year, Witt may still be here, so too Grunfeld and the roster may remain basically the same.

I say to you this day, don't renew those season tickets. Look away from the TV. Look at anything, but that shell of a team, which Paul Pierce warned us, is really the team of playoff past.

Unless there's a seismic shift within this organization next year, we will be reading the same comments.

They took away our season BF, don't let them take away our dignity. Because with this Wizards organization, with all our commenting, posting, etc., the squeaky wheel does not get the oil.

Because Monumental Sports knows that even if the Wizards don't rebuild, the money will still come.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.