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Scott Brooks emphasizes player development, playing both ends in introductory press conference

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards introduced Scott Brooks to the media for the first time on Wednesday afternoon, alongside team owner Ted Leonsis and Team President Ernie Grunfeld.

For the most part, Brooks stuck to the script you usually see from coaches that you see in these types of events. He talked about playing a more exciting brand of basketball, making sure players hold each other accountable, developing players, but did offer a few glimpses into some of the strategies he'll employ as the team's coach.

Brooks on the roster

We have a great young team here. We have guys that love to play. I've been competing against this team for a lot of years. John Wall and Bradley Beal bring a dynamic backcourt that can play both ends of the floor.

As you know, in this day and age NBA teams need two-way players that compete night in and night out. I have very simple rules, and I establish that right from the very start. Your job is to play hard every night, and that's number one. The second job you have to do is play hard for your teammates, because that's who you play for every night. You have to establish those goals early on, and I believe the character of the group will embrace that.

Brooks on Washington D.C.

I'm thankful to be in the city. This is a great stop in my NBA career. I've had a lot of days here as a player, and I've had a lot of days here coaching against the Wizards. It was always one of my favorite places to visit. I spent a lot of time here in the summer. I like the opportunity. I like the energy. I like the unique vibe we have in this community. I'm looking forward to building my relationship day-by-day with the fanbase. It's a great fanbase and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Brooks on his approach to player development

I love developing players. I don't look at players as "Okay, this is a young guy that needs to develop." I think once we all are committed to being NBA players, we're NBA players. Once you get drafted, or once you get picked up, you're an NBA player and I will coach everybody from the guy who plays the most minutes to the guy who doesn't play a lot of minutes. I will coach them with everything I have and I will build a staff that believes in the same philosophies I believe. We will develop players every single day.

Developing players is not just on the court, it's off the court, it's in the film room. It's how you talk to one another. It's a variety of things that is challenging at times, but you have to be able to have those tough conversations with players.

Brooks on John Wall

I think John has another level. He's been a three-time All-Star, which is incredible. That's cool in itself. I dreamed about being one. Unfortunately, I had a lot of bad voters back in my day so I never quite got it.

He has another level. Maybe two or three more levels. Not only from a basketball standpoint but from a leadership standpoint. Point guards are the coach on the floor and we will have a connection. We won't agree on everything, but John and the rest of the guys will understand one thing: We will find the best way to move forward on all situations. A lot of times it's not going to be my way, it's going to be our way.

I think John has the ability to be one of the best players in the game. He's going to be an All-Star for many years and we have a few other guys who have the potential to be All-Stars so I'm excited about working with them.


You can watch the entire press conference below: