Why Would Kevin Durant Leave an Almost Championship Team to Come to an Almost Playoff Team?

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John Wall said, it was hard to be a leader, when most of the Washington Wizards squad were under 1 year contracts, according to J. Michael of CSN:

"I did a great job leading as much as I could. A lot of guys that's on a one-year deal, you put your foot down, you say what you need to say as a leader, but at the end of the day if everybody is not held accountable from the starting position down -- from me to the last person on the bench -- if we're not held accountable if one person wants to do something more no matter what I say as a leader if he's not backing me up it's not going to work. I think it was tough because with nine guys coming in on one-year deals everybody wanted the last word. Everybody wanted the last say so. This is probably the most flare ups or whatever throughout games."

In that same article, Wall also complained that Coach Randy Wittman showed Hilario Nene and Ramon Session preferential treatment. "Tensions were raised when the team would study game film and Wittman was quick to call out the likes of Wall and Bradley Beal while Nene routinely received free pass."

"Even when it came to Ramon Sessions, who had a strong season as Wall's backup and in the final year of his deal, Wittman curiously refused to criticize him for soft defensive coverages on pick-and-rolls. The perception became that Sessions is such a likable and great player to coach, Wittman didn't want to mention him by name and as with Nene he'd blame the mistake on the collective instead of that individual."

That may or may not have been the case. And Wittman's uneven treatment of players may have hindered Wall's leadership abilities this past season. So of course, Wall should have some say in who the next Wizards coach should be. A coach who doesn't undermine Wall, when Wall's also trying to lead the team. There must be respect all around in the locker room.

Wall didn't blame anyone for the team roster, he was just stating facts. Now one could surmise, that these 1-year set ups and 10-day contracts, were all constructed in the hope to lure our savior, Kevin Durant to D.C.

Stop, please stop. KD2DC is a lullaby, Wizards fans are singing to their kids, while we're watching the Detroit Pistons in the playoffs.

KD isn't buying into the "process", "10-point plan" or that the team is still developing. KD wants to walk into a championship caliber team. Not a team that needs to recalibrate every season.

As the saying goes, a Beal in the hand...or at least it should go. It's been recently reported by Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post, that Beal will most likely receive a max contract. Whether it's with Washington or with somewhere else.

Now for those of you who don't believe Beal deserves the Max, think about what this team would look like without Beal, and the unicorn we call KD? A bunch of veterans past their prime and 10-day contracts, anything to salvage the season when it's too late. Clinging to grab that 8 spot. When the Wizards next year should be deciding which seed they will be, not if the seed is planted at all.

Ernie Grunfeld -- who seems to defy the "law of physics", according to Captain America: Civil War -- is still running this ship. If Beal leaves, and KD doesn't board, Grunfeld will just be moving around the chairs on this sinking ship.

Knowing Grunfeld, there probably is no Plan B, if Kevin Durant chooses to take his talents elsewhere. Let's play with the hand we have dealt.

We have a core: John Wall, Bradley Beal, Markeiff Morris, and Marcin Gortat. The beginning of a bench with Kelly Oubre and Ramon Sessions. Let's build from there, my friends.

The Wizards have hired Scotty Brooks, former head coach of the OKC Thunder, whom Kevin Durant played under. The Wizards have to come to the table with a bit more.

For example, they have to let Coach Brooks have a say in what new pieces will be brought to the team. Otherwise, Scotty will be telling Ted Leonsis, when the Wizards fail to make the playoffs yet again, "I'm giving it all she's got, Captain!

Previously under Grunfeld, all the Wizards had were one year contracts, given to veterans who should've saw green pastures years ago, and draft picks that were given away.

Although, there's a good argument that Markieff Morris was a good move, it was a move at the wrong time Grunfeld. At the wrong damn time.

Hopefully, it will be a new era, whereby every time Ernie Grunfeld, makes a move, the Wizards get a new wing.

Plan B is this my friends: Keep the core and look for other talented players besides Durant, to come to D.C. Don't place all our basketballs into one basket.

And stop looking for unicorns. They don't exist. (Just like Ernie's contract, which no one can seem to find).

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