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Mystics select Danaejah Grant with the 31st pick in the 2016 WNBA Draft

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The Washington Mystics selected 5'9 guard Danaejah Grant with their third round pick. Grant comes from St. John's, where she led the Red Storm in scoring with 19.9 points and rebounding with 6.3 per game. This past season, Grant was named to the 20165-16 All-Big East first team and led them to the NCAA Tournament.

Over the years, Grant played as a prototype perimeter scorer for St. John's and could fill in that role for the Mystics as well.

You can see a video of Grant's player profile via St. John's YouTube channel which is embedded above. In it, you can learn more about Grant's leadership and why her teammates and coaches like her.

More on the Draft to come.