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Wizards expected to fire Randy Wittman later this week, according to report

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, ESPN writer Brian Windhorst was on Tony Kornheiser's show on ESPN 980. During the show, he stated that Randy Wittman is "probably 99 percent getting fired on Thursday morning"after their season finale against the Atlanta Hawks. You can listen to the podcast here and skip to the 10-minute through 15-minute mark where he talks about the Wizards.

In addition, Windhorst went on to say that this offseason will be pivotal for the Wizards and on owner Ted Leonsis. Windhorst mentioned that the 2015-16 season was a wasted year for John Wall and Bradley Beal, but it will also show how much risk Leonsis is willing to take when it comes to going after big market free agents.

Yes, we all know about Kevin Durant and that he may -- okay, he's probably not signing here in Washington. But if he doesn't, it will be telling as to whether Leonsis is willing to have the team go after other major free agents like Nicolas Batum and Harrison Barnes, who are expected to be maximum-salary level players.

You can debate whether they "really are worth that much money," just like the oft-injured Beal who is a restricted free agent this summer. But most NBA teams will have over $20 million in free cap space to throw at someone, and many free agents are in line for some big paydays.

In summary, I'm not surprised that Wittman will likely be terminated on Thursday. However, there are many more questions surrounding the Wizards as they head to the Summer of 2016.