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Wizards vs. Hornets final score: Washington picks up surprising 113-98 win over Charlotte

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There are two different ways to look at the Wizards' 113-98 win over the Hornets.

  1. Washington beat Charlotte at their game. They controlled the paint, limited turnovers, and capitalized on mistakes. More impressively, Ramon Sessions and Marcin Gortat outplayed Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson. Washington pulled this off even though John Wall missed the game and Bradley Beal only played the first half after re-aggravating the pelivs injury he suffered earlier in the season.
  2. Charlotte beat Washington at their own game. They looked like they weren't awake for today's noon start time. They were out of sync on offense (15 turnovers, 21 missed threes) and defense (allowing 50 points in the paint) throughout the game and failed to play up to the moment or the expectations they've established this season.

Your perspective on what transpired today says a lot about your perspective on life.

Otto Porter delivers

Otto Porter has been up and down this season, especially in situations where the Wizards needed him to fill a bigger role due to injuries. Today we saw a bit of both. He was quiet for most of the game, but after Bradley Beal had to come out of the game, Porter responded with a strong third quarter where he scored eight straight points to key a 19-8 run to help put the game away.

Wizards reassert themselves on the perimeter

After Reggie Jackson torched Washington on Friday, the Wizards responded with a much better performance on Charlotte's perimeter threats. Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin combined to go 4-17 from the field while Ramon Sessions and Garrett Temple were a much more efficient 10-20 from the field today.

Kelly Oubre had a dunk

He was fairly quiet for the rest of the day, but this was nice:

Just gonna leave this here

Gotta love the banter between Buck & Phil once the games don't matter.