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Wizards waive Gary Neal, sign Marcus Thornton

NBA: Miami Heat at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the Wizards' roster set after the trading for Markieff Morris and signing J.J. Hickson, think again. The Wizards are reportedly set to waive Gary Neal (who hasn't played since February 6), and bring in Marcus Thornton, who the Rockets waived last month.

Simply put, this is Wizards replacing an injured, shoot-first guard who struggles defensively with a healthy shoot-first guard who struggles defensively. If you take a look at their numbers this season, they're very, very similar.

Thornton won't move the needle any more than Neal did during his time as a Wizard. That said, given the team's injuries on the wing and Anderson's minutes restriction, they desperately needed another healthy body to come in and take some minutes to help the Wizards stay in the hunt for the playoffs.