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Wizards draft pick Tomas Satoransky signs contract extension with Barcelona

Tomas Satoransky, who the Wizards drafted in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft, has agreed to a contract extension with Barcelona through 2020, according to the club:

With the extension in place, the Wizards will not be able to bring Satoransky over this summer to shore up their depth, though they will have opportunities in the following years, according to David Pick.

This is a disappointing blow for the Wizards, coming off of reports this fall that they expected him to join the team in 2016Satoransky had an impressive showing at Eurobasket with the Czech Republic and is folowing it up with a strong year in Barcelona. He's currently averaging 8.4 points and 4.2 assists in 23.1 minutes of action per game for Barcelona, who is tied for the best record in Liga Endesa, Spain's premier basketball league.

That said, it's understandable why Satoransky would want to stay in Europe, considering the Wizards' situation. With Wall locked up for the foreseeable future and a good chance Beal will stick around as well, it makes it hard to open up a significant role for Satoransky with the Wizards worth leaving what he has with Barcelona.