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Despite Saturday's loss, Marcin Gortat and Polish Heritage Night still rock

The Wizards didn't win, but Marcin Gortat is still thankful for the many Polish supporters in attendance Saturday.

The Wizards lost 100-99 in heartbreaking fashion to the Pacers on Saturday. But for one player, Saturday was more than just a game. That player would be Marcin Gortat.

He had a good performance individually with 8 points and 17 rebounds including this alley-oop.

But of course, a win would have been nicer. After all, many fans came to cheer Gortat and the Wizards to victory. But I guess you can't win them all.

After the game, he addressed a large crowd of fans:

Also before the game, Tomek Solarek, the Project Manager of the MG13 Foundation gave an interview to Monumental Network's Jumoke Davis which is embedded above, or you can click here. In the interview, Solarek mentioned that Gortat specifically wanted to honor the Polish military not unlike how people here in the U.S. honor the military.

Gortat personally honored one World war II veteran pregame:

In addition, the Polish Special Forces, the JW GROM was honored during the game.

Finally, the popular Polish troupe Cheerleaders Gdynia performed during halftime.

They were a hit last season, so I'm glad they're back again this year.

All-in-all, Polish Heritage Night was a success once again at Verizon Center.

Naprzód Wizards!