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A list of every player Ramon Sessions has blocked this season

1. Cameron Payne

Rating: 4/10. Sessions plays some nice, sneaky defense here but that's a classic rookie mistake from Payne. He'll know better than to try a layup near Sessions next time.

2. J.J. Barea

Rating: 7.5/10. Sure, Barea is one of the shorter players in the NBA, so it's easier to block his shot, but blocking a jump shot is still really hard. Have you tried doing it lately? Don't criticize.

3. Bismack Biyombo

Rating: 11/10. Who cares if this was probably a foul? A lesson needed to be taught, and Ramon Sessions' School of Hard Blocks is always in sessions. Get it? His last name is Sessions.

4. Jeremy Lin

Rating: 8/10. Ramon appreciates a nice up-and-under move like anyone else, but don't attempt it near him. He won't stand for that for that garbage.

5. Matthew Dellavedova

Rating: 0/10. Apparently Cleveland's scorekeeper has a thing against Garrett Temple.