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FanDuel: A lineup to consider for March 19, 2016

Here's a lineup to ponder for Saturday's games.

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Forget about your brackets for a bit think about Fantasy NBA Basketball. Here's a FanDuel lineup for you to try for Saturday's games.

PG: John Wall, Wizards ($9,900) - Wall has scored at least 40 or more fantasy points in seven of his last eight games. He may not have the buzz that Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry do, but he is providing just about as many points on a consistent basis. Also, Wall's coming off of two straight triple doubles and shows no signs of slowing down.

PG: Goran Dragic, Heat ($6,900) - The Heat guard has scored at least 21.6 fantasy points in each of the Heat's last ten games and he has scored at least 31 fantasy points a game in three of his last four. Since Dragic plays at least 33 minutes a night, he's as solid of a second point guard to add as anyone when you have to save your powder for the other positions.

SG: Monta Ellis, Pacers ($6.600) - He will be hyped up to play against the Thunder tonight. Since Ellis also plays a consistent 34 minutes a night and has been producing at an above average level recently compared to his regular production, he's on track to be a nice bang for your buck.

SG: J.J. Redick, Clippers ($4,800) - Redick's biggest value is his scoring since he doesn't produce many assists -- thanks to Chris Paul -- or rebounds. But he's a threat to score 20 points, dish three assists, and grab three rebounds any night. When he does, he's done his fair share to keep you on track.

SF: Trevor Ariza, Rockets ($6,000) - So far this month, Ariza has been playing at below his season averages. But the Rockets are fighting for a playoff spot. We've had first-hand experience with Ariza before, but he's a threat to drop 25 points any night. He'll have more than his fair share of opportunities to show his stuff against a Hawks team that's also trying to secure the Southeast Division title for the second straight year.

SF: Otto Porter, Wizards ($4,800) - After a lackluster beginning to March, Porter has scored at least 25 fantasy points in each of the Wizards' last four games. Since he also gets consistent playing time in the 30-33 minute range, Porter will have more than a fair share to get his fair share of fantasy points tonight against the Knicks.

PF: Draymond Green, Warriors ($8,300) - The Warriors' do-it-all big man has scored at least 29.5 fantasy points in each of Golden State's last ten games. Sure, he may not drop 10 points any given night. But you can sure bet that he'll make it up in every other category imaginable.

PF: Kristaps Porzingis, Knicks ($5,800) - The Knicks rookie has been wildly inconsistent on the road during New York's current road trip. In fact, his performance against Golden State on Wednesday was forgettable. But after a few day's, rest I think he'll be back in form against the Wizards. Of course, I don't want his team to win!

C: Marcin Gortat ($6,100) - The Polish Machine is a consistent double-double threat. When he gets double-doubles, Gortat is on pace to score close to, if not exceed 30 fantasy points. He hasn't surpassed 30 points since March 8, but even when he's not scoring 30 fantasy points, he's often very close, the March 12 Denver loss aside.