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For one night, the Wizards had a nearly perfect performance when they needed it the most

It probably won't be sustainable, but the data certainly supports how well things went on Monday night vs. the Pistons.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday before the Pistons game, I wrote about five team-level statistics that hurt the Wizards during a five-game losing streak from Friday, March 4 through Saturday, March 12. The bottom line: Washington was playing well below season averages on both ends of the floor.  Since they lost three of those games in blowout fashion, it was no surprise that the Wizards were one of the worst teams in the entire NBA let alone playing like one.

Then, the Pistons game happened.

L.W. summed up how well the game went in our recap last night, but I had to take a quick peek to see how well they rectified the problems over the last five games.

Now THAT'S what I call a major improvement.

The Wizards didn't simply dominate on both ends of the floor. They improved on every major problem that I highlighted on Monday. For that, the Wizards deserve major props.

Of course, the statistical performance of Monday night is largely a result of the fact they beat Detroit by over 40 points. That isn't going to happen very often. However, for one night, the Wizards played the style of basketball that we wished they would this entire season.

There's another important game tomorrow against the Chicago Bulls, so it's early to say whether the improved performance lasts. Whether the team makes the playoffs or not, let's hope that Washington can play more like they did last Monday and not like they did in the five games prior to that.