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Wizards at Jazz postgame links and roll call

Making this as painless as I can.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards didn't win on Friday to the Utah Jazz, after John Wall called this and tonight's Nuggets games the most important of the season. They lost Friday's game 114-93.

I won't pile on, so I'll cut to the chase.


Monumental Network is now known as Monumental Sports Network. There are some kinks with video embeds, so here are the links to Randy Wittman's, John Wall's, and Jared Dudley's pressers.


Here's a recap roll from the night:

Roll Call

57 users commented 926 times in our first halfsecond half, and postgame threads. Here's how you did:

# Commenter # Comments
1 DCrez 88
2 CharGrayJ 86
3 Hands11 64
4 qthaballa 60
5 Rice2012 60
6 BEALiever 53
7 WhyKnotUs 43
8 jaytyla 39
9 arian1123 38
10 BrokengoldDC 38
11 SmileyAllMighty 28
12 stevie 27
13 CantHandleTheTruth 27
14 Chetho 26
15 .hambonejackson 25
16 willbull 18
17 LRJ 17
18 Wiz-kid 14
19 Demj 14
20 NatP 14
21 KappakidToo 10
22 ChillVillain 9
23 wync 8
24 ChilllDuice 8
25 12AaronJones21 8
26 novadada 8
27 ATrueNigerian 7
28 jayscott 7
29 t0Shihiro 7
30 ARendon6 7
31 Born of Osiris 7
32 little stevie colter 5
33 rvWizPH 5
34 Efren Bailey (FRIZZ3L) 5
35 neualex308 4
36 TheBackCourt 4
37 subarwu 4
38 JW2BB3 4
39 ParkwayPanther 3
40 jazzy1 3
41 Izzy.Bae 2
42 batmanwithprep 2
43 Albert Lee 2
44 Terping 2
45 Wall_Hopeful 2
46 Edu_duda_dudu 2
47 Vinicius Coimbra 2
48 Dabest1991 1
49 jensrules 1
50 VBfan 1
51 bartek.biadasiewicz 1
52 oneiroi 1
53 wall_wiz 1
54 No Wave Coffee 1
55 Wizard Smile 1
56 WashWizards28 1
57 Knowledge92 1

Notable comment


The house is burning down alright.

Saturday food specials

You'll be having great workouts on Saturday with the Wizards failing to win the D.C. area free Egg McMuffins or discounted Papa John's Pizza. The Capitals didn't play last night but they play the San Jose Sharks tonight in the Bay Area. So there's a chance that they'll save us if the Wizards lose again tonight.

Because the Caps -- even after a loss on Wednesday to the L.A. Kings -- are the NHL's Warriors, if they win our area the food, we'll be like these guys.

As funny as that video sounded at the time (when the Mexican men's soccer team was close to being disqualified from the 2014 FIFA World Cup -- and the American soccer team literally saved them ), the funny thing is this because Mexico ultimately made it to the World Cup that year in Brazil. And of course, so did the United States.

The United States performed well in a tough group (which included World Cup Champion Germany and European power Portugal). They held their own until losing late against Belgium in the first round of the knockout stage (No, Emma Meesseman didn't pay me to write that). And to their credit, so did Mexico. They made the knockout stage, and also lost in the first round to the Netherlands, who made their second consecutive World Cup semifinal.

That's the positive way to look at this video and my very loose analogy. Maybe, just maybe the Wizards will get to the playoffs and more than hold their own. Of course, let's also hope the Caps bring the hardware home!

But the reality is that the Wizards are in a bad spot right now. There's a lot I want to say about it, but I'd just rather wait until it happens.

See you guys later tonight.