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John Wall's 37 point game vs. 76ers highlighted his improved ability to finish through contact

While a lot has been made of John Wall's improvement as a shooter this season, there hasn't been much talk about his slight decline finishing around the rim. Two years ago, he shot 63 percent around the rim. So far this season he's down at 59 percent. Not a major decline by any means, but a reminder that Wall doesn't have the same burst at 25 that he did at age 23.

Lately however, we've started to see him compensate better for losing that tenth of a step by learning how to absorb contact better and finish through it. He provided several examples last night.

Finishing through contact with Nerlens Noel

Finishing between Jerami Grant and Carl Landry

Finishing through contact with Robert Covington in transition

Finishing over Robert Covington