The Wizards should sign Larry Sanders

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

According to Shams Charania of the Vertical, Larry Sanders is looking to come back to the league if the right situation presents itself. He agreed to a buyout with the Bucks about a year ago and has been out of the league since. He used the time to address some of his personal issues and pursue some other passions off the court.

I think it is an ABSOLUTE NO-BRAINER to take a chance on a 6'11 27-year-old defensive stud that excels in the PnR. Let's face it, I'm certainly not the first person on this site to understand that we have completely lost the identity of this team. Our once-feared defensive prowess has vanished.

Our home-court advantage (a major point of emphasis last year - RIP PP34) is non-existent. Hell, this team can barely get people to watch a game on TV in the comfort of their own home... This team has produced some serious garbage this year and we need to start shaking things up a bit. There were some great articles posted on this site over the last few days that do a wonderful job of diving deeper into all of these issues.

Several writers and commenters have preached ad nauseam that we need to explore a move for a defensive and athletic big. THIS IS OUR GUY. Our biggest fear as a fanbase is that we are 1. Not going to see KD2DC but also, and almost more importantly 2. wasting a once in a lifetime talent that is already here in John Wall. We can't afford to play it safe and just hope that all the pieces fall into our hands.

All I'm saying is that Larry Sanders is a proven talent that ran into a few personal roadblocks. He has taken some time to get his life together and I don't see why we shouldn't JUMP at the opportunity to get him. As much as I love Jarrell Eddie's towel waving techniques, he is a glorified placeholder. This is much easier of a move than a trade and we wouldn't be sacrificing any assets to sign him.

Disclaimer: I intend to make the case purely from a basketball standpoint. Someone else can take the time to talk about his personality and what-not.

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