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John Wall, Alan Anderson and Drew Gooden dress up as Run DMC for Black History Month

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As part of Black History Month, the Wizards have been releasing side-by-side photos of Wizards paying tribute to African-Americans who have inspired them. Bradley Beal paid homage to Langston HughesGarrett Temple honored his father -- the first African-American to play basketball at LSU.

The latest tribute comes from John Wall, Alan Anderson and Drew Gooden, who honored Run DMC:

A photo posted by Alan Anderson (@dubblea74) on

Anderson had this to say on Instagram:

Hands down one of my most influential hiphop groups. Thank you RUN D.M.C. and @revwon for setting the tone.

Wall chimed in as well:

Thanks to my vets @dubblea74 & DGIII for sharing their knowledge about the legendary RUN-D.M.C.. Their positive messages through music elevated hip hop. Happy to honor them. Thank you @revwon and RUN-D.M.C.!

Hopefully, the vets were just teaching Wall more about Run DMC and not introducing him to their music for the first time. Otherwise, between that and not knowing who Bon Jovi is, you would have to seriously consider the possibility that he never listened to music as a child.